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T.G.I.S. has successfully mentored over 1000 girls in our mentoring program since the initial start of the program in 2016. We have developed a curriculum for five distinctive modules, which contain subsets within them, designed to engage, educate, and empower young at-risk females. Our mentors have overcome significant adversity, yet they have obtained a new mindset and a positive perspective on life. They have grown and became professionals and leaders in their own right.


We have outlined five primary measurable objectives for the girls that are a part of our mentoring program. Each one is comprised of: 


  1. Positive Self-Esteem Growth- Self-esteem in early teens are a predictor of symptoms in late adolescence and early adulthood depression. We measure the development by monitoring the decision-making pattern of the mentee. We empower our girls to genuinely value themselves and know their lives and bodies matter and deserve to be protected. A model of imperfect judgment calls usually shows evidence of adverse self-esteem. These bad decisions lead to promiscuity, prostitution, substance abuse, self-abuse, and lack of self-respect. The only way to overcome the source of such behavior is to raise the self-image and improve the filter for which one sees themselves and the rest of the world. We have developed a comprehensive Self-esteem Growth Program comprising interactive teachings and workbooks designed to identify areas of vulnerability and raise self-awareness. 
  2. Relational Management- those who struggle with low self-esteem often find themselves in one or two categories when it comes to relationships. They are loners and do not feel they have friends or family that really “gets” them or have “so-called” friends who are all negative influencers. Our Relationship Management Program is designed to help our girls identify the relationships they have in their lives. This examination includes both interpersonal relationships and intrapersonal relationships, sexual relationships, and even some family relationships. We all need wholesome, balanced relationships in our life, and the mentors from T.G.I.S. are there. It helps fill in some of the relational gaps in the life of the girls in our program.  
  3.  Health and Wellness Program- physical health is a critical component of a person’s overall well-being. Poor health tends to bleed over into all facets of a person’s life and can pose a multiplicity of problems. Our Health and Wellness Program focuses on proper nutrition, exercise, breast cancer awareness, and the underlying issues that lead to both obesity and anorexia. Having the physical physique of a fashion model does not necessarily mean you are healthy. Our health and wellness approach is much more profound than the surface level. We will seek to help our participants not just “look” good but feel good holistically.
  4. Leadership Development Program- being a leader does not necessarily mean being a manager or being someone’s boss. Being a leader is all about being led. An effective leader is one that is driven by a set of universal principles and practices. These principles produce predictable outcomes. On the contrary, being led by your emotions could lead you to a rollercoaster life. Our emotions are not principle-based. They are often feeling-based. Our Leadership Development Program is a series of interactive workbook-based teachings on authentic leadership combined with association opportunities with various business, community, and sports leaders. We teach from a reference point of principles that have predefined positive results. Business, community, and some sports celebrities alike will have the opportunity to share with our girls and spend time with them in various capacities.
  5. Education- Incorporate multiple ways for girls to learn. We evaluate their mental models of learning and what their gifts are. We created a space for girls to have to think so that they can have more than one type of thought and collectively have better conversations about the importance of education.   


Be Enlightened! Be Empowered! Be Engaged! Be S.M.A.R.T
Successful. Magnificent. Authentic. Resourceful. Talented.

-Monica Johnson, Founder


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